The most economical and ecological solution for cooling and the renewal of the air in large environments . No refrigerant gas , is capable of mitigating the temperature of areas up to 200 m² .  evaporative cooler of the latest generation, designed for fixed installations both in the roof and wall .

  • sheds
  • large areas
  • refrigerated warehouses
  • manufacturing facilities
  • factory farming
  • cluster

Evaporative coolers for industrial air conditioning

fixed coolers for industrial air conditioning

Fixed coolers wall and roof, the latest generation; designed to cool and renew the air of large volumes : halls, warehouses, tensile structures, business premises. Low management costs (15% of a classic system).The fixed cooler from the roof or wall Eco20 is a fixed cooling system for large economical and profitable environments. Eco20 is equipped with a control card which ensures maximum efficiency and hygiene. It works with normal tap water , without refrigerant; It is able to mitigate the temperature of areas until 200 m² with less than 800W engaged .

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