People have always knows the ability of water to naturally cool hot summer days. We used nature as inspiration.
The hot air passes through the wet evaporative pads, with the natural evaporation effect the air will exit with lower temperature.
So, the air will be filtered and cooled, the air ensures a continuous renewal and refreshment comfortable and healthy.
Evaporative cooling meets Safety, hygiene, comfort, ecology, reliability and low cost of ownership.
ideal solutions Factory and industrial climate control.
• comfortable temperatures
• 100% Fresh air supply.
• Improved quality of life and work in the warm months
• Better preservation of goods and equipment
• Comfort and Productivity
• No environmental impact

We offer the most economical and ecological solution for cooling and Fresh air handling for large Factories and industrial areas.
Each Evaporative cooling air conditioner, operating with normal tap water without refrigerant gas , is able to Cool the temperature for areas up to 200 m2
Our evaporative AC coolers of the latest generation, designed for both fixed installations for the roof wall.

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