The most economical and ecological solution for cooling and the renewal of the air in large environments . No refrigerant gas , is capable of mitigating the temperature of areas up to 200 m² .  evaporative cooler of the latest generation, designed for fixed installations both in the roof and wall . sheds large areas refrigerated warehouses manufacturing facilities factory farming cluster fixed coolers for industrial air conditioning Fixed coolers wall and roof, the latest generation; designed to cool and renew the air of large volumes : halls, warehouses, tensile structures, business premises. Low management costs (15% of a classic system).The fixed cooler from the roof or wall Eco20 is a fixed cooling system for large economical and profitableRead More →

People have always knows the ability of water to naturally cool hot summer days. We used nature as inspiration. The hot air passes through the wet evaporative pads, with the natural evaporation effect the air will exit with lower temperature. So, the air will be filtered and cooled, the air ensures a continuous renewal and refreshment comfortable and healthy. Evaporative cooling meets Safety, hygiene, comfort, ecology, reliability and low cost of ownership. ideal solutions Factory and industrial climate control. • comfortable temperatures • 100% Fresh air supply. • Improved quality of life and work in the warm months • Better preservation of goods and equipment • Comfort and Productivity • NoRead More →

axial fan with variable keying • hub and reinforced nylon fiber blades load servo valve and water drainage • automatic emptying at shutdown • automatic wash cycle and drying PAD • sursalinazione control water and bacterial growth Self-supporting structure • panels molded polyethylene UV resistant centrifugal self-cleaning pump • sprayer PAD Open channel anti-fouling • quick release for periodic cleaning electronic adjustment • Ventilation control with variable flow (inverter) • Daily programmable thermostat to setting • temperature and humidity control of room • Increased comfort and productivity by improving quality of life and work in warm months. • It allows better storage of goods andRead More →

This Industrial Evaporative Air Conditioner designed for roof top installations, allows to cool and Refresh the air reducing the temperature in a large areas, large spaces and in large Spaces such as sheds, warehouses,tensile structures, business premises, in a simple and economic. With low installation and operating costs – 25% and 15% compared to traditional air conditioning systems – This fixed cooling system comes with great economical operation and comfortable work environments. The fixed roof Evaporative air conditioning cooler is equipped with a  microprocessor control board that governs the periodic operations and control to ensure the efficiency and hygiene of the system at the highest levels. Each Cooler, operatingRead More →

This Air conditioner model differs from other models for the type of installation, while it maintains all the same features and performance. It has been studied in fact to be applied to the wall or to the window in environments where it will most efficient and convenient to intervene from that location. All units can be equipped with four-way vents with tilt of the air flow, which ease the recycling of cooled air. Hydrocool outdoor coolers & outdoor heatersRead More →