axial fan with variable keying
• hub and reinforced nylon fiber blades
load servo valve and water drainage
• automatic emptying at shutdown
• automatic wash cycle and drying PAD
• sursalinazione control water and bacterial growth
Self-supporting structure
• panels molded polyethylene UV resistant
centrifugal self-cleaning pump
• sprayer PAD Open channel anti-fouling
• quick release for periodic cleaning
electronic adjustment
• Ventilation control with variable flow (inverter)
• Daily programmable thermostat to setting
• temperature and humidity control of room


• Increased comfort and productivity by improving quality of life and work in
warm months.
• It allows better storage of goods and equipment installation in sheds
and industrial warehouses.
• It has no impact on the environment and does not require any specialized maintenance.
• Evaporative cooling works without coolant.
• It has a flexible and modular system that allows you to adjust and customize
cooling of your room.
• Allows the electronic control system to ensure efficiency and hygiene.
• Other features of the evaporative cooler fixed roof or wall are: the regulator
Multifunction digital, the display sinottic

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